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Designing assessments that prevent plagiarism

staff information iconMacdonald-Ross (2005) states, in the title of his article on plagiarism, “prevention is better than cure” and this can only be reiterated here.

This page considers a range of strategies that may help to prevent plagiarism. Carroll (2002) suggests that there is not one single approach that will deter plagiarism but a raft of strategies that can be adopted and reinforced. These range from course and assessment design through to how you inform students what is acceptable / unacceptable and then, only finally, through to detection.

Course design strategies:

Write learning outcomes -

Select assessment methods -

Map / schedule assessments to avoid over-assessment -

Assessment design strategies:

Vary the assignment each year -

Design questions and their wording to -

Ensure tracking mechanisms are in place –

Assess the process not just the final product

Write assessment criteria that reward -

Student support strategies:

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