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Penalties & procedures

Cases of suspected plagiarism are taken very seriously by the University and are subject to a set of formal procedures and penalties.

Overview of the procedures for Taught Students

Flow diagram providing an overview of the plagiarism procedures - link to the LUU textual description of this procedure

Key points:

Please note that research students are subject to a different set of procedures detailed in the Research Student Handbook.

staff information icon Staff are advised to immediately contact their Director of Learning & Teaching if they encounter any cases of suspected plagiarism.

Overview of the penalities

There are a range of penalties that can be applied in cases of plagiarism. The penalty is chosen either by the School or the Committee on Applications and will depend on the seriousness of the offence and on whether there are any mitigating circumstances.

Example penalties are:

  1. Only the sections of the assignment determined not to be plagiarised are marked.
  2. Assignment is resubmitted for zero marks.
  3. Academic year is failed and must be retaken.
  4. Student is excluded from the University.

A comprehensive list of possible penalties is available on the Office of academic appeals & regulation web site.

The seriousness of the offence is related to issues such as:

Links to related resources

student information icon

Leeds University Union Student Advice Centre:

  1. Guidance for students on the procedures used to deal with cases of plagiarism.

staff information icon Office of academic appeals & regulation (OAAR)

  1. The official procedures covering cheating and plagiarism
  2. The range of penalties that can be applied.

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Student quotes on penalties

“I’ve heard of one case where they actually plagiarised twice, and they got away with it.”

“Everyone is worried that they are doing it…”